Dead Words (Kata mati)

17 Oct 2009

Postingan ini merupakan usulan dari salah seorang pembaca blog ini, yang meminta pembahasan tentang Dead Words. Ada beberapa kata dalam bahasa Inggris yang cenderung digunakan terlalu sering dan ekstensif sehingga kata tersebut kehilangan karakternya. Kata-kata seperti ini disebut Dead Words (kata mati). Berikut merupakan daftar beberapa kata mati dan beberapa alternatif pengganti yang sangat disarankan penggunannya ketika kita menulis.

Kata Mati Alternatif
a lot, lots Numerous, heaps, many scores, innumerable, much a great deal, many times, often
also Too, moreover, besides, as well as, in addition to
awesome, cool, rad fine, wonderful, marvelous, fantastic, excellent
awful dreadful, alarming, frightful, terrible, horrid, shocking
but however, moreover, yet, still, nevertheless, though, although, on the other had
fun pleasant, pleasurable, amusing, entertaining, jolly
funny amusing, comical, laughable, jovial, strange, peculiar, unusual
got, get received, obtained, attained, succeed in
good excellent, exceptional, fine, marvelous, splendid, superb, wonderful
great wonderful, outstanding, marvelous, fantastic, excellent
guy man, person, fellow, boy, individual
have to need to, must
kid child, boy, girl, youngster, youth, teen, teenager, adolescent
like such as, similar to, similarly
mad angry, frustrated, furious, incensed, enraged, irate
nice pleasant, charming, fascinating, captivating, delightful, pleasurable, pleasing
pretty attractive, comely, beautiful
scared afraid, fearful, terrified, frightened
so this, according, therefore
then first, second, next, later, finally, afterwards, meanwhile, soon
very extremely, exceedingly, fantastically, unusually, incredibly, intensely, truly, fully, especially, shockingly, bitterly, immeasurable, infinitely, severely, surely, mightily, powerfully, chiefly


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