Beberapa kata kerja frase dengan verb dasar “act”

3 Nov 2011

Berikut beberapa kata kerja frase yang dibentuk dari kata kerja (verb) dasar ‘act’.

Act as (bertindak sebagai)

Kata kerja ‘act as’ berarti melakukan fungsi yang sama seperti orang atau hal lain. Sinonimnya adalah serve as. Contoh:

  • I can’t attend the meeting John, so would you mind acting as chairman today?
  • The liver act as detoxifier to neutralize the toxins.

Act for (mewakili)

Kata kerja ‘act for’ bisa diartikan sebagai mewakili. Contoh:

  • If you don’t have a supervisor, the faculty will appoint one to act for you.
  • In a democracy, the people elect representatives to act for them in parliament.

Act on (menuruti)

Kata kerja ‘act on’ digunakan jika kita menuruti apa yang dianjurkan atau dinasihatkan oleh seseorang. Contoh:

  • I really should act on my teacher’s advice and try to learn more.
  • He acted on the instructions of his boss and refused to answer any questions.

Act out (mengungkapkan)

Kata kerja ‘act out’ digunakan jika kita mengungkapkan perasaan melalui tindakan atau kata-kata. Contoh:

  • Jim often gets into trouble because he acts out his emotions without considering the consequences.
  • Sometimes we have different thoughts and feelings, but situation doesn’t usually allow us to act them out.

Act up (rusak/tidak berfungsi)

Kata kerja ‘act up’ digunakan untuk sesuatu yang tidak bekerja/berfungsi sebagaimana mestinya.

  • My laptop is acting up, so I will take it to IT clinic.
  • I will have to give the futsal a miss this month. My knee is acting up again.

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